When it comes to job hunting it can be a tricky process, but when you’ve been out of the game    for a while it can be even harder. Not because you don’t have the experience, you have plenty of skills, but because you’re not sure where to start! Our skilled team can certainly help you make   the move, take a look at a few tips below that should help you get started:


Create your CV

If you’ve spent years with the same organisation then the first thing you need to do is create your CV. We have a number of CV tips that you can employ, that should help you with the writing and formatting. It really is essential to get your CV in order before you begin contacting anyone as it’s typically the first thing they’ll ask to see. You  could employ a number of companies who will   create a CV for you, however we always feel it’s best to compile yourself. You know you industry and experience better than anyone, however you can always ask for help with any formatting issues if you’re struggling.


Sell Your Experience

Spending time with the same company for many years, or spending time out of work because of family commitments or travel, is nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to your job hunt. You do however need to sell the experience you’ve gained through your CV. Instead of simply listing your job, with dates and general responsibilities you need to add more detail. If for example you   started in one role and have been promoted or moved around in your company then list each role individually. This demonstrates the different skills you’ve gained in a variety of positions and how your career has progressed.


Highlight Your Loyalty

You may be perceiving your lack of movement in your career as something holding you back from securing another position. However one big selling point for you is your loyalty. You can demonstrate that you have shown dedication to one organisation. You may have helped grow the company, or continued to work hard during difficult business periods. Whatever your journey with your current organisation you should highlight it, as loyalty is very valuable to businesses today.


Start Networking

You need to start speaking with the different contacts you’ve built up throughout your career. Of course you need to be careful as you don’t want anything getting back to your current employer,   so think carefully about who you choose. Let them know that you’re interested in other opportunities and take both their advice and any meetings they offer to help you move forward  with your search. Get your profile up to date and looking professional on LinkedIn too as  employers will expect to find you on there.


Don’t Simply Rely on Job Boards

Naturally your first port of call is typically the job boards when you’re looking for opportunities. However though they’re great for research, you might find you have more success if you add   more focus to your search. Blindly applying for anything and everything and feeling bad when it doesn’t go the way you hope isn’t a positive way to start your search. Certainly register for the relevant job sites so you get alerts and apply for the positions that excite you, however don’t rely on the job boards alone.


Choose a Recruitment Partner


One of the best things you can do when you start your hunt is to find a recruitment partner. There are lots of recruitment agencies so it can be wise to choose an agency that specialises in your sector. A sector specialist will be able to introduce you to different organisations, as well as competitors of your current company who will be interested in someone with industry experience. Build a good rapport so you can have an honest and open dialogue. It’s also important that you  feel they understand your experience and the kind of position you’re looking for.


Don’t Give Up!

Finding the right job and securing it takes time so try not to give up. After not hearing back from a few roles you might be tempted to just give up and stay in the position you current hold. However remember why you started looking in the first place and stay positive. You’re a loyal employee with lots of experience and a new opportunity is always just around the corner.


Here at CNM Recruitment we have a vast amount of experience and can help you with your job hunt. We specialise in Construction, Maintenance, Engineering, Architecture, Surveying and Facilities Management sectors, so get in touch and see what we can do for you.