You know all the right things to say when it comes to that all important interview, however it’s just as important to remember the things you shouldn’t say! In any interview you need to be yourself and be honest, however there are a number of things you might say that will raise red flags with the hiring manager. Here are just a few of them:


“I don’t know much about your company to be honest”


This is one sure fire way to set your interview on the wrong path and it’s such an easy one to get right. Do your research in advance so you can impress employers with how much you know about their organisation. Don’t just rely on their website either, look at any mentions in relevant industry publications so you can make sure the information you’re sharing is still relevant.


Alternative answers – “I noticed that you recently acquired another business, I just wondered how that  might  impact  the  responsibilities  of  this  role?”  or  “Your  website  said  that  you  are  always looking for new areas to expand into, I just wondered what those areas might be?”


“I’d say timekeeping is my biggest weakness”


You need to be honest in your interview and present the person you are, however when asked about weaknesses this can sometimes trip you up! Saying something such as timekeeping or that you struggle to delegate can be refreshing for hiring managers however it is sure to raise some concerns. You just need to package it differently, present the negative aspect of your work but then show how you’re actively working to improve it.


Alternative  answers  –  “I  struggle  to  delegate  sometimes  however  I  have  been  really  working  on this, and improving my communication with other departments so I learn to trust them” or “I can sometimes struggle with public speaking however I always push myself to do it and have recently attended a course to help me develop my skills”


“My current company is terrible”


Of course we’ve all felt this at some point in our careers! However you should avoid badmouthing your current employer in your interview. The hiring manager might develop the opinion that you can’t be trusted and it could lead them to wonder what you might say about their company in the future. Also it’s a small world and you never know who knows who!


Alternative answers – “I’m looking for a company where I can progress and unfortunately there isn’t the option to do that within my current firm” or “There is a way of doing things in my current company that doesn’t encourage new ways of thinking and sometimes that can be frustrating”


“I’m just looking for any job really”


Even if it’s true, it’s not what the hiring manager wants to hear! They’ve selected you for interview as something about your skills or experience makes them think you’d be suitable for the job. Have an idea of your next career steps  and make it appropriate to the role you’re interviewing for. Keep your  bigger  plans  realistic  so  they  can  see  that  you’re  an  employee  that  will  be  loyal  to  the organisation.


Alternative answers – “I’m looking for a role where I can really use the experience I’ve built up and where there is the option to progress in the future” or “I haven’t decided exactly the area I want to specialize in however I do know that I want to work for a company that is focussed on the latest technologies and is established in the marketplace.”


“I don’t have any questions”


No! This is not a good way to end an interview. When asked if you have any questions, you should always have something prepared. If you don’t have any questions it sends a negative message to the  hiring  manager.  It  could  come  across  as  overly  confident  or  like  you’re  not  particularly interested in the role or the company. So make sure you prepare a few questions in advance.


Alternative answers – “Yes I just wondered if you could tell me a bit more about how the role fits in to the wider organisation?” or “What do you enjoy about working for the organisation?”


The team at CNM Recruitment wish you the best of luck with your interview. If it doesn’t work   out   and   you’re   looking   for   a   role   in   Construction,   Maintenance,   Engineering, Architecture, Surveying or Facilities Management, get in touch!