As we approach the end of the year it’s often a time for reflection, so how are you feeling about work?  What  have  you  achieved  this  year?  If  you’re  starting  to  get  itchy  feet  but  you’re  unsure whether it’s the right time to make the move then you need to ask yourself a few questions. We’re always on hand too if you need any further advice!


Are you feeling fulfilled in your current job?


It  might  seem  like  an  obvious  question  but  sometimes  it’s  the  one  we  forget  to  ask  ourselves when  we  debate  moving  jobs.  Often  we’ll  think  about  money  or  a  difficult  manager  but  it’s important  to  put  those  things  aside  initially  and  think  about  whether  you  feel  satisfied  in  your current  job.  Do  you  feel  challenged?  Though  no-one  expects  to  love  every  single  day  of  their work, you should expect to feel that you’re working towards something and get job satisfaction for your efforts.



Are you worried about the market conditions?


Currently market conditions are difficult to predict and with Brexit on the horizon it can be hard to see how things will pan out. However take a look at what the job market looks like at the moment in your industry. Are there lots of opportunities out there? Are companies scaling down? Or could your  skills  suddenly  be  more  valuable  in  a  different  industry?  We  believe  there  will  always  be opportunities for talented and experienced people who work hard, so do your research.


What do you have to offer?


Think  about  the  skills  and  experience  you’ve  gained  throughout  your  career,  all  the  different projects you’ve been involved in and all the training you’ve received. Often when candidates do this they’re surprised at how much they have to offer to a new role. It also helps to understand what  particular  projects  you  enjoyed  the  most  so  you  can  understand  the  direction  you  might want to take your career in. Plus it makes updating your CV much easier.


Do you feel you’re being suitably rewarded?


As well as job satisfaction, do you feel you’re receiving the financial rewards you deserve? Not just salary but also the benefits? Take a look around and see what other companies offer as most places tend to promote the benefits of working for them on their website. Salaries can be more difficult to find out, however take a look at similar job descriptions and see what salary is being advertised, as this can help you benchmark yourself. Of course there is more to work than money, but no-one likes to feel like they’re working for less than they deserve. Your recruiting partner will also have a good feel for the state of the market so will be able to give you a ballpark figure.


What do you gain from staying in your current role?


If  you  have  a  promotion  on  the  horizon  or  new  challenges  coming  from  changes  within  the company, then it might be worth exploring those opportunities. However if you feel there is little to gain or that you’ve reached your limit then a career move might be on the cards. Sometimes what you gain is job security and stability so be sure to consider that too, however also consider what will make you happy and fulfilled in your career.


Why are you thinking of leaving your current job?


People  decide  to  move  jobs  for  a  number  of  different  reasons  and  it’s  really  important  to understand  what  your  reason  is.  If  you’re  thinking  of  leaving  because  you  want  to  show  the


company how it will fall apart without you, that’s completely understandable and we’ve all been there! However the positive feeling you get from this will be short-lived so you need to make sure you’re  moving  to  a  better  role  rather  than  jumping  quickly  to  prove  a  point.  If  you’re  leaving because you want more money, better benefits or a progression plan then go for it!


Where do you want to be in the next five years?


It’s the interview question everyone dreads as there’s no real way of knowing and often we don’t want to commit ourselves and close down other opportunities. However taking the time to think about the future and where you want your career to go is really important. For example if you want to  be  in  a  supervisory  or  management  role  and  there  isn’t  the  opportunity  in  your  current company, then making a move could be a good thing.


Hopefully by looking at the above questions and spending some time answering them will help you determine if you’re ready to make the move!


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