euro 2016

With a reasonable performance from England so far, CNM Recruitment question whether

Euro 2016 is good or bad for business?


There is no doubt that the Euros have captured the attention of a large majority of the UK every evening for the past few weeks. With matches played in France at various points during the day, it was inevitable that games were going to land throughout the 9-5. So how are you handling it as a business? Here we take a look at the positive and negative impacts of Euro 2016 on businesses.


What are the positives…


Morale – It’s a great morale booster – well if the national team win! Seriously though, it really does create a sense of team spirit in the office environment, especially if teams are allowed to enjoy matches together, avoiding the sneaky isolation of an online viewing or a constant checking of updates on their mobile!


Employee Engagement – It can be a great way to show employees how much they’re valued, by making an effort to show the game in the office and encouraging staff to take time out to enjoy it. A number of businesses across the country took advantage of the England vs Wales 2pm kick off by rewarding staff with a break and a chance to enjoy the match at work.


Increased Productivity? – Many argue that national pride events such as the Euros give people a sense of renewed energy and motivation, and surely they’ll bring that in to the workplace. Rewarding staff with a break to watch matches may encourage them to be more productive afterwards.


Good for the Economy? – Of course the supermarkets fair well during large sporting events, as do takeaways, especially Dominos Pizza who reportedly created 10,000 new jobs as part of a major recruitment drive before the start of the Euros and the subsequent Olympic Games. In fact they expected three pizzas to be ordered every second during Euro 2016!


The negatives…


An Empty Office – Days filled with football matches of course means that you may find yourself in an empty office. The organised ones may have planned ahead and booked time off, with others requesting time off at short notice, which of course has an impact on how the business runs.


Delayed Projects – Inevitably with less people in the office it does mean projects can be delayed. Pressure may get put on individuals who aren’t interested in watching the match, leading them to become disengaged and even feel unfairly treated by the company.


Reduced Productivity? – Not allowing employees to watch the match could lead to reduced productivity as colleagues find different ways to watch it on the sly! Online or mobile viewing can be highly distracting in the workplace, leading to a reduction in output.


Bad for the Economy? – Economists estimated that during the England vs Wales match, the country lost as much as £100 million from the economic output, due to offices being empty as people fled home to watch the home nation clash. Sports retailers such as Sports Direct are also a little concerned about shirt sales that spike at the start of the tournament but quickly fall out of favour once teams are knocked out, leaving a large amount of surplus stock!


Whether it’s good or bad for business, here at CNM Recruitment we’re hoping to see

England beat Iceland on Monday!