Facilities management is considered to be the most competitive sector to work in across Europe. It’s growing too, with the market expected be worth £139 billion by 2021. This is both exciting and challenging if you’re looking for a job as a Facilities Manager. It means opportunities are plentiful but competition is fierce, so creating a fantastic CV when you’re job hunting is essential. As specialists in facilities management recruitment we’ve put together some advice to help you really showcase your skills and experience.


Look at Job Descriptions


Before you start creating your CV you need to read lots of job descriptions for Facilities Managers, whether you intend to apply for that particular position or not. Sometimes when we’ve done our job for a long time we forget the skills we’ve developed and end up missing them out of our CV. Reading job descriptions can help to jog your memory about the things to include that you might just see as part of your day to day. It also helps you find out what’s currently important in the world of facilities management, and what skills employers are focussing on.


Tell the Story


Ask any Facilities Manager how they got in to the role and no two people will tell the same story. Facilities Managers tend to have an interesting career path, working across a range of different industries to build a wide skillset that allows them to do their job successfully. Though you should follow CV best practice by listing your first job upfront and stay within the recommended 2 page limit,  you should also demonstrate how your career has evolved by showing the previous roles and any progression. You can really do this in your opening statement, for example you might say “Following a number of successful maintenance roles…” or “Through years working as an electrician…”.


Demonstrate Communication


As a Facilities Manager or as an aspiring one you will know how important communication is to the role. You’ll be working across departments with multiple stakeholders so you know that your ability to speak to people at all levels of the business is so important. Ensure that your CV demonstrates, with real and tangible examples, how you’ve successfully communicated to get a project done. For example if your ability to negotiate with different stakeholders has got a project or just a day to day process delivered on time, against the odds, then make sure you highlight that.


Showcase Specialised Skills


The nature of a FM role means you often build a wide variety of interesting, and sometimes random, skills! However it’s these skills that could set you apart from another candidate with a similar level of experience. For example if you initially trained as an electrician and can bring those skills to the role then make sure you make a section for that in your CV, so that it’s properly highlighted.


Highlight Your General Skills


As well as your specialised skills you need to highlight the general skills whether that be safety management or customer service, so the hiring manager can get a great overview of what you can do. Some things might seem just a part of the day to day to you, however HR professionals and hiring managers sometimes dismiss candidates that don’t demonstrate that they have the general skills they’re looking for.


Show Off Your Key Achievements


The single most important aspect of any CV is to really focus on your key achievements. These are what the hiring manager wants to see and what is going to separate you from the competition! For example, it could be how you’ve saved money for a business by implementing a new way of doing things in a certain department. If this is the case then give details and actual figures, if possible, as it helps to further sell your skills and experience. Things like how you’ve grown a certain department are great too as they show the level at which you can operate.


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