The nights are drawing in and it won’t be long before we start hearing Christmas songs on the radio! It tends to also be a time that job hunters decide to take a break to indulge in mince pies and Christmas parties. However December can be a great time to hunt for jobs! Don’t believe us? Take a look at five reasons below to get your CV in order before the New Year rush:


1)  There are less applicants to contend with!


You have all the skills for the job, but it always helps to keep some of the competition at bay. Even applicants who have been actively applying for a few months tend to take a little break over the festive  season.  If  you  know  that  the  position  you’re  applying  for  will  be  competitive,  then  you might find you’re more successful in December.


2) Recruiters have more time on their hands.


Due to the lack of potential candidates looking for work, you often find that recruiters have more time on their hands. This is great, as they still want to help people progress their careers, so let them work hard for you! If you want a recruiter to approach companies on your behalf, or you need help to get your CV in order, then try and draw on their expert input and see if they can help you find the job of your dreams for the new year.


3) Extra budget might be available


Sometimes  companies  get  to  the  end  of  the  year  and  find  they  have  budget  left  over  for recruitment. They may then look to invest in freelance or contract staff to help plug the gap. If you’re actively looking in December you might land a great new contract for the new year.


4) You’re in an applying frame of mind


What better way to enter the new year when you’re looking for a new job, than with a mindset primed for success. Even if you don’t find the job you’re looking in December, you have your CV in order and all the relevant job alerts set up ready for 2020.


5) There are plenty of networking opportunities


Wine is flowing, and despite the election, everyone is in a fairly positive state of mind! So what better time to network. Networking events still take place throughout December so don’t forget to stay active within your industry. Plus who knows, you might find a brand new opportunity under the tree this Christmas!


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