When you’re looking to make a career change or when you’re offered a new position you might immediately dismiss temporary roles. That’s completely understandable, we all want stability especially when we have responsibilities, however sometimes a temporary role can be a good career move.

Temporary roles can be a chance to try something new

Probably one of the biggest draws of a temporary role is a chance to try something new with very little risk. If you’ve been wanting to move in to a new area of your industry, but you don’t want to make a permanent move, then a temporary role can really offer you that chance. If you enjoy the temporary role then you have the experience to go for something permanent and equally if you don’t you can look for a different position with new set of skills.

Temporary roles can bring a higher salary

Not in all cases but quite often employers will pay a premium if they want a temporary member of staff with a good level of experience. This means though the contract may be short, you could be earning extra that might even buy you a few months off. Of course everyone’s situation is different and when you have the responsibility of a mortgage or a family it can feel like a risk. Don’t be afraid to be bold, if you have the experience, ask for what you think is fair.

Temporary roles can give you a chance to learn new skills

There might be skills you want to obtain but have no opportunity to do so in your current position. A temporary role that allows you to use your knowledge whilst gaining valuable hands-on experience can set you up really well for the future. It could be using different systems that you might not have encountered before or perhaps a different way of managing a team that will be a great addition to your CV.

Temporary roles can help your career progression

If you’re focussed on climbing the career ladder then you might not want to step off in favour of a temporary role. However a temporary role can aid your career progression in many different ways. You might gain new skills or different approaches to work that a future employer will think is valuable enough to offer you a role that’s a step up. It might also simply be that you make connections with individuals who can help you make that leap in to a higher position.

Temporary roles don’t necessarily mean moving companies

It could be that a role has arisen internally that has caught your eye or perhaps you’ve never even thought to look for a different role in-house! Moving to a temporary role internally might worry you, however you could have the option to take it temporarily and move back in to your current role when it’s complete. This can be another great chance to demonstrate your skillset within the organisation and in turn raise your profile.

Temporary roles can become permanent

Of course there’s every chance when you apply for a temporary role that it will become permanent in the future. It’s worth asking at the interview about the likelihood of this happening as often employers will be able to give you an indication either way. You never know how a temporary role will go and often it all depends on budgets within the organisation, however if you impress and show the skillset you have, they will have no choice but to make you permanent!

Temporary roles can reignite your passion for your career!

Often when you’ve worked within an organisation for a long period of time you can get stuck in one way of working. Depending on the role you do everything can become a little stale and you start to forget what you loved about your job in the first place. A temporary role can provide you with a fresh way of working or a new set of responsibilities. It might even be an identical job in a different company, but that change and a new set of people to work with can just refresh you and help you remember what you loved about your work in the first place!

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