Acting like a child or being described as childish is not a way anyone would like to be referred to in the workplace. However there are certain qualities and behaviours that children posses that can be really powerful skills in business.


1) They are always honest.


If you have a toddler or you’ve ever been around one you’ll know that they say exactly what is on their mind. Of course we can’t go around the workplace saying the first thing that pops in to our head, however more honesty in a team or company can only ever be a good thing. Honesty builds trust between colleagues, and generates a culture of openness that is a breeding ground for new ways of thinking and a more positive working environment.


2) They burst with creativity.


Children love cardboard boxes – why? Because the possibility for play is limitless. Children have an unrivalled level of creativity, their busy little minds are constantly coming up with new ideas all encouraged by play. We see companies today adding pool tables to their staff rooms, that’s one of many ways you can bring play in to the workplace. Ideas are endless, the more you generate, the  more  you  have.  Encourage  your  own  mind  to  think  outside  the  box  and  you’ll  find  many different ways to do things.


3) They ask questions.


Go on a car journey with a young child and you’ll find yourself inundated with a range of different questions, from thought-provoking to completely random! They do this with no shame or pride, and they don’t worry, like adults do, that asking so many questions will make them seem stupid or uninformed.  This  a  great  attitude  to  bring  to  the  workplace,  not  only  does  it  expand  your knowledge but it shows confidence in your own ability to be bold enough to ask questions when you’re unsure.


4) They move on quickly.


When a child is wronged in some way they certainly let you know about it, however a day, an hour, even a few minutes later they’ve moved on. Wouldn’t it be great if things were more like this in the workplace? Instead of harbouring old disagreements, we should develop the ability to just let  things  go  and  move  on.  This  encourages  us  to  live  in  the  moment,  just  like  children  do, enabling you to simply enjoy your work and perform at your best.


5) They look after their own needs (or find someone who will!)


Children are not quiet when it comes to letting you know that they need a drink or a snack, and it’s always clear when it’s time for a nap. As adults this is something we’re not as good at! When we get busy we forget about all our basic needs and settle for a rushed lunch at our desk or just a few hours of sleep when we have a deadline. However if we want to really shine then you need to look after yourself, and not forget about the basics.


So if you’re looking for a way to reenergise your career then it’s time to embrace your inner child!


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