Whether you’re a maintenance engineer or a contract manager looking for a new
opportunity, you know how competitive the job market can be. Having a great CV is so
important, so here are our 5 CV tips for maintenance professionals:
Highlight Your Key Achievements
Of course it’s important to detail your career history, including dates and responsibilities,
however it won’t make you stand out against a fellow maintenance professional with a
similar level of experience. Instead you need to highlight key achievements throughout
your career. For example instead of simply saying “I was responsible for managing 5 sites
across the UK”, you might say “Initially responsible for one site in 2010, I was quickly
promoted and given responsibility for a further 4 sites”, this demonstrates that you are
candidate worth considering.
Keep Results Quantifiable
As a maintenance professional you know that often it all comes down to numbers when
judging the success of an individual, so make sure you demonstrate tangible results within
your CV. For example, instead of saying “I implemented safety procedures that led to a
reduction in workplace accidents”, you might say “My 5 sites reached 3600 consecutive
days incident free following the implementation of new safety procedures I developed”. It
makes the result much more impressive, and demonstrates that you’re an individual who
can really hit the mark.
Focus on Key Skills
There is a real skills shortage being felt within the Built Environment industry, and none
more so than within maintenance roles. So if you have key skills that are requested in the
job description, or that you know are highly sought after within your industry, then make
sure they feature prominently on your CV. It might be a skill you take for granted, but it
might just be the keyword the employer is really looking for.
Highlight Certificates and Memberships
Your CV is certainly not the time to be modest, so make sure you highlight certifications
you have received that are relevant to the industry. This shows that you take your personal
development seriously and that you are keen to always keep your skills fresh.
Memberships to relevant industry bodies are also impressive to a potential employer as it
shows you are part of, and invested in, the community of maintenance professionals.
Tailor Your Cover Letter
It’s the age old rule of CV writing, but it is never more important than in this competitive job
market. Consider what the business is looking for, and how you feel your experience hits
the mark. Pick out key phrases from the job description and use them in your personal
statement to demonstrate how you as an individual would be an ideal choice for the role.
For example, the job description might say “ We want someone who can deliver the best
engineering cover and support during production periods to ensure the maintenance of the
plant equipment ”, and so your personal statement could say “ With over 15 years of experience as a Maintenance Manager I have a vast amount of experience leading teams during heaving production periods”.
Good luck with your job search!
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