When you’re looking for a role in construction, particularly a site manager role, many clients will want  someone  who  holds  the  Site  Management  Safety Training  Scheme  (SMSTS)  qualification. The 5 day course established by the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) is aimed at site managers  and  supervisors,  project  managers,  as  well  as  business  managers  and  owners  who have site management responsibilities.


If you’re looking for a new role you might be considering studying for the qualification to give you a head  start  on  the  competition,  particularly  if  you’re  looking  to  take  the  step  up  to  Site  Manager. Here are four benefits we see for studying for the SMSTS qualification:


1) It’s a Recognised Qualification


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of any qualification is how widely it is recognised within the industry. SMSTS has an excellent reputation within construction, and is widely acknowledged by professionals due to the hands on way of learning and the content covered within the course. When  you  attend  you  know  you’re  investing  your  money  in  a  qualification  that  will  make  a difference to your day to day job as well as your future progression.


2) The Course Content is Relevant


As the course is tailored for those with responsibility for constructions sites, all the content will be relevant,  so  you  won’t  feel  like  you’re  wasting  your  time.  The  course  covers  the  relevant regulations  surrounding  the  Health  and  Safety  at  Work  Act  and  the  Construction  Design  and Management  Regulations  (CDM).  It  also  covers  the  issues  with  working  in  confined  spaces, working at height as well as how to carry out an effective risk assessment.


The  course  content  is  interactive  allowing  you  to  develop  hands  on  skills  through  case  studies, group  work  and  individual  study.  You  are  assessed  throughout  the  course  and  also  required  to complete a multiple choice test before receiving your certificate.


3) You Can Refresh Your Qualification Easily


Once  you’ve  completed  the  course  you’ll  be  the  proud  owner  of  a  CITB  renewable  5  year  Site Safety Plus certificate. The best part is when it’s close to expiring you don’t need to attend the full course again. CITB instead run a refresher course that lasts just two days.


During the 2 day SMSTS course you’ll refresh your skills and update your knowledge around the relevant regulations, which could have changed since you last completed your qualification. The course format is similar and you’re assessed throughout your time on the course as well as, again, through  a  multiple  choice  test.  Once  complete  you  have  another  five  years  on  your  SMSTS qualification.


4) Improves Career Prospects


When you’re looking for a position as a site manager or supervisor then take the time to look at the requirements  of  the  role.  Though  the  SMSTS  qualification  is  not  a  legal  requirement  as  a  site manager, you will see employers stating that holding the qualification is an essential requirement for the post. If you’re currently employed then you could apply for your employer to fund the course


or of course choose to pay and attend independently. Whichever route you take it does seem like studying for the qualification will help you progress within your chosen career.


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